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Category Archives: Pets

In my Facebook feed I’ve seen a few people giving away their pets because “it’s too much” to have a new baby and a pet (or pets). Un-fucking-believable.

First off, these people should have had some forethought when they first got their pet(s). “Do we want kids later? How will our kids interact with our pet(s)? Can we have both? Is it fair to everyone?” This is serious shit. A pet is not a plant. It’s a living, sentient being. You can’t just discard it because you have found something “better” in your baby. I mean, Jesus. People are abandoning their pets because it’s “too hard.” Fuck you. If you can’t do both, you should have made that decision a long time ago.

I have to admit that my real rage here is against people who get rid of their dogs. I know that cats are more temperamental and have a way harder time with a new baby around. I get that. I don’t think you should bail on your cat because it’s having a hard time adjusting, but I can *sort of* understand it. My mom’s cat started peeing all over the place when she brought me home from the hospital. I get it. That sucks and it’s hard. It’s not a valid reason to bail on your cat, but I can appreciate the difficulty of the situation.

A dog, however, I cannot even think about justifying. Dogs are insanely loving and loyal creatures. Outside of a seriously abused dog, I can’t think of many dogs who would become a burden on their owners with the addition of a new family member. For Todd’s sake, Google “dogs with babies” and see what comes up! I think what’s happening is people are becoming tired of the old in the shadow of something new. And that breaks my heart in ways I can’t explain. You could have this:

Why wouldn’t you? SERIOUSLY! LOOK AT THAT PICTURE! Your dog wants nothing more than to be a part of your family.

I don’t really have the proper words to express my absolute heartbreak about this topic. I feel so bad for the dogs, and truthfully for the babies too. A dog adds so much to life. So much joy and love and comfort. Why someone would give that up for what—a few more minutes of sleep or a minute or two saved not scooping poop? It’s beyond me.

So to those of you considering getting a pet, please ask yourselves: “Where will we be in a few years? Will we have kids? Can we deal with those kids and our pet(s)? Will everyone be loved and happy?” It’s only fair. To everyone.