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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Full disclosure: I hate Taylor Swift. If you like her and this is going to bother you: Stop reading. Seriously. It’s only going to upset you and I don’t want anybody getting defensive.

Every time Taylor Swift comes up in conversation I gnaw on my tongue until it bleeds. And then I have an outburst. Because I can’t contain my rage that someone like her is held up on a pedestal as a “good role model” for young girls. In what world is she a good role model? Let’s look at the facts for a second:

1) She’s in her twenties and she acts like she’s 14. This sort of immaturity is hardly something I’d want young girls emulating. Grow up and act your age. You don’t have to undergo a public sexual awakening á la Britney and Miley but for fuck’s sake: Act like the adult you are.

2) She’s overly modest/fake modest. Every time she wins an award it’s all “Ohmigosh! You want me to have this? Widdle old me? But I’m just a little girl who writes silly songs about boys. Tee hee. Golly, I’m so embarrassed! You want to give me this, the 357th award I’ve won in my life? Gee, that’s so super but I really can’t believe you even like me.” Jesus, get over it. You’re an artist (according to other people, anyway) and artists win awards. Some people (who are not me) like you and want to let you know that by praising you in the form of a small statue. Say thank you and get off the stage.

3) She’s naïve. I mean, no, I don’t know her personally so it’s probably unfair to say this. But from interviews and award ceremonies she just seems so doe-eyed and clueless about everything. I’m sure people like her because she’s so “pure” and “innocent” but I view that as straight naiveté. You need some realism in your life. You don’t have to be cynical or negative but please pull your head out of the clouds now and again to have a look at where your feet are… where they actually are and not the glittery rainbow you think they’re on. I don’t like that this sort of blind, clueless optimism is viewed as “goodness” by so many people.

4) She writes dreadful songs. This is probably less solid reasoning than anything I’ve presented thus far, but to be fair: This is a list of why *I* hate Tay-Tay. It doesn’t have to be objective. She’s typically boo-hooing over some boy who broke her heart, how she didn’t fit in in high school, kids who were mean to her in high school, or some hopeless romantic garbage that’s been spoon-fed to all of us since our Disney Princess-watching days.  The word “trite” comes to mind.

So there you have it. Whenever anyone starts to get all rubbery about her I lose my shit; I think she’s a terrible role model for young girls. I don’t think girls should be encouraged to be immature, naïve, and banal. I don’t think they should be pushed toward being “good” because I believe it will ultimately repress all the things that would make them fun and interesting. Look at Taylor. I mean really look at her. Would she be interesting to talk to? I think she’d giggle with her hands over her mouth and talk about boys the whole God damned time. Would she be fun to hang out with? I think she’d probably want to make popcorn and watch The Notebook and go to bed at 11 after drinking warm milk.

I guess most folks are content to wish boring safety on the little girls in their lives. That they do well in school, get married, have babies, and live happily ever after behind a white picket fence. But there’s so much more out there! For all the little girls in my life, present and future, I want them to know they can be themselves regardless of whether or not people think they’re “good.” I want girls to have role models who are feisty and independent and funny and smart and honest and true to themselves. Not just “nice” and “good.”